Formative Assessment and What's Next: Cynthia Bell


    Dear Cynthia,
    I saw this tweet from David Coffey on Twitter and I thought of your talk – It’s a photo of “that worksheet” with 18 different problems on dividing fractions. His tweet said, “Got a boring worksheet? Make it more interesting by adding 2 sentences.”

    The two sentences he adds to the worksheet are:
    “Select six of these computations to complete, and then (on the back) explain why you selected the ones you did.”
    “What would be the last six computations you would choose and why?”

    I’ll be teaching this fall and I am excited to try this as a new formative assessment that I’ve never tried before. I’m curious to about the kinds of things that students will say. What I like about David’s strategy here is I think it will really allow for some very specific response and adaptation on my part. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    I did have a question about signaling. Are students showing their red/yellow/green cards as they feel the need to convey how they are doing, or are you stopping at certain moments and asking them to let you know where they’re at?

    Thanks for sharing,


      Thanks for sharing the link about the dividing fractions. I’m definitely going to check it out. As for the signaling I used it for them to convey how they were feeling about the lesson, discussion or activity. But stopping the class to have everyone check in could be worthwhile too.

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