Professional Development Resources



Sound professional development in adult education mathematics should be designed to:

  • begin with teachers as mathematics learners and thinkers.
  • be a continuing process that is connected to curriculum and assessment standards, program policy and instruction and current research. 
  • be welcoming and accessible to all – to literacy and language teachers as well as to those who primarily teach mathematics. 
  • be evaluated with respect to its impact on teacher behavior in relation to increased student learning.


Professional development opportunities should focus on improving teachers’ abilities to:

  • establish a deep understanding of the mathematics of the curriculum and its principles.
  • understand how adults’ mathematical knowledge develops, how to recognize previous misconceptions, and how to assess and engage prior knowledge.
  • use a broad range of instructional strategies that utilize a variety of materials to accomplish learning goals.
  • understand how research can be used to improve their effectiveness as teachers. 

Check out ANN's growing collection of PD Webinars. Watch them with a colleague! Watch them with a friend!

The Adult Numeracy Network hosts the annual ANN Teaching & Learning Institute at the COABE pre-conference. All of the materials and resources are gathered and shared here. 

One amazing way for adult educators to improve their math and teaching is through collaboration. Teamwork makes the dream work. Check out these resources for Teachers Learning Together

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