National Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE) Conference

The 2022 COABE National Conference 

Please consider presenting in the Math and Numeracy Strand at COABE 2022. The call for proposals and presenter resources can be found here:

Note: This year, completing the “Present With Purpose” credential is required for all new presenters. Follow the link above for more information.

If you are a new presenter, ANN would like to partner you with an experienced presenter to serve as a mentor and coach. They'll support you throughout the process, from submitting your proposal to planning and delivering your workshop. If you are interested in receiving support, feedback, or coaching, please email us at

Sample Math and Numeracy proposal 

Accepted 2021 COABE Math and Numeracy Sessions (for reference)

How is the Adult Numeracy Network involved at the annual COABE Conference?

  • ANN is the COABE Math & Numeracy Strand Partner. 
ANN organizes the Math & Numeracy Strand at the conference and reviews proposals for presentations. We use COABE's rubric and look for proposals that explore the ANN Teaching and Learning Principles and employ ANN Professional Development Principles.
  • ANN sponsors a pre-conference teaching & learning institute at every COABE. 
The ANN Teaching & Learning Institute is a day of training and community-building that typically takes place the day before the COABE Conference begins. If you would like to join the ANN preconference planning team to work with other teachers and professional developers to plan our teaching and learning institute, we would love to have you! For more information, please contact, ANN President-Elect, Heidi Schuler-Jones.

ANN believes in the passion and wisdom of ABE and adult numeracy teachers. ANN Under 10 is an evening of talks that gives a platform for inspired instructors to share their experiences and invite us to join them in the specific calls to action that are driving their teaching. 

Planning on attending COABE? Curious about giving an ANN Under 10 talk? Please contact Mark Trushkowsky.  

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