ANN committees are a great way to work with other teachers, strengthen our organization, and contribute to adult numeracy and math education. 

If you are interested or have any questions about any of the committees below, please email the contact person. Let's learn together!

The Math Practitioner Newsletter Committee

The work of this committee is centered around each issue of the Math Practitioner, and offers members an opportunity to work on writing/ soliciting/ reviewing articles, developing content, and newsletter design.  


Peg Gould

Board Liaison: 

Patricia Helmuth, Newsletter Editor

Racial Equity in Math Education Committee

Formed during the writing of the ANN Statement on Racial Justice, this working group focuses on education and action to address equity in our classrooms, teaching practice, and organization. Learn more at the Racial Equity in Math Education Committee page.

Co-Chairs and Board Liaisons:

Sarah Lonberg-Lew

Mark Trushkowsky 

Outreach, Support, & Member Welcome Committee

This committee helps new ANN members connect to our professional community and works to develop a sense of belonging and ownership in all ANN members.  


Falencia Ezendu  

Board Liaison:

Brooke Istas, Secretary

Website Committee

The website committee offers members the opportunity to develop and maintain the ANN website. The work includes identifying quality teaching resources and PD, keeping content updated and relevant, building community, and troubleshooting website errors. No web experience necessary!


Mark Trushkowsky 

ANN Teaching and Learning Institute Planning Committee

This committee plans and delivers the annual ANN Teaching & Learning Institute at COABE's preconference. 

Chairperson & Board Liaison: 

Dee Crescitelli , ANN President-Elect

COABE Numeracy Strand Committee

This committee coordinates the workshops in the Math & Numeracy Strand at the annual COABE conference. 

Chairperson Board Liaison:

Heidi Schuler-Jones, ANN President 

Nominating Committee

This committee oversees the development of leadership opportunities within the organization including outreach for Board positions, regional representatives, and state representatives.  


Dee Crescitelli , ANN President-Elect (Board Liaison)

Lakshmi Nayak


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