Being an ANN member connects you to a 25 year history of adult numeracy work. It also makes you part of a network of dedicated teachers just like you!

Here are a few ways to collaborate with them:

The ANN Membership map allows you to find other ANN members in your area and contact them. It is a great way to built local networks and find other people who share your love of math and ABE students. 

Please note: The Membership Map is only visible to members of ANN (who are logged in). The map does not reveal the home address of any member - pins are centered within the geographical area of a zip code. 
ASK ANN is a private discussion group for ANN members only, hosted by the Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS). ANN members use this discussion group to collaborate, share resources, ask questions, talk about math problems, get feedback, and more.

Share news, resources, and teaching ideas using the Forum on the ANN website. 

Founded in 1994, ANN has always prioritized the development of its members, the improvement of adult numeracy instruction, and the deep learning of adult education students. We appreciate the important work you do. Please take a few minutes to help us get to know more about you and your work.
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The Adult Numeracy Network is on Twitter: @adultnumeracy1
You can also connect with other ANN Members using the hashtags #ANNMath or #ANNUnder10

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