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Candidates for Secretary 

My name is Joy Zimmerman. I have been an adult mathematics instructor, program coordinator, professional developer, and most recently, have studied adult classroom engagement at UCLA. I am weeks away from earning my PhD in Education. I bring to ANN a voice committed to students – their assets, their voices, their ideas, and the opportunities they need to share their mathematical thinking in the adult classroom.

During my time in the adult education field and as a graduate student researcher, I have developed a number of skills that are well-suited to the secretary position: planning and organizational skills, note-taking, communicating with colleagues and peers (verbal and written), maintaining records, inputting and analyzing data, developing programs, facilitating groups, and leading teams. More important, though, is my passion for learning, creating, problem solving, and working with others on exciting new initiatives or reflecting on how to improve old ones.

I am committed to participatory equity in the classroom. That is, I am interested in opportunities students have, especially Black and Brown students, to participate productively in the classroom. To that end, I use an observation tool to collect data on equitable practices in classrooms and share the findings to support teacher reflection and improvement. Additionally, I was a member of a Data Inquiry Group at a local college to explore their equity gap and currently participate in the Anti-Racist Committee at a UCLA partner school. I am interested in sharing these experiences with ANN when the right time comes.

As secretary, I would first and foremost look forward to collaborating with the inspiring leadership at ANN. Secondly, I envision a “Participation Corner” in the newsletter that highlights productive participation practices. I would be happy to contribute and help lead this, if others were interested. Thirdly, I would like to explore virtual collaborative Learning Labs in adult classrooms. And finally, it would be interesting to turn the gaze inward and collect, reflect, and act on on data relevant to ANN’s programs and practices to examine what ANN is doing well and what areas can be improved.

Candidate for NCTM Representative

Name: Cynthia Bell

Position: Director, Workforce Development and Numeracy Services, Literacy Assistance Center

Bio: Cynthia Bell is the Director of Workforce Development & Numeracy Services at the Literacy Assistance Center, where she oversees workforce projects and initiatives, develops and facilitates workshops for adult basic education (ABE) and high school equivalency (HSE) instructors on standards-based numeracy instruction, as well as on blending academic and workforce skills. When she is not leading and developing trainings, Cynthia is providing customized coaching to instructors on integrated curriculum design, blending workforce and academic instruction, and the best practices of teaching and learning mathematics. In 2016, she co-authored the teacher resource book Teaching Adults: A HiSET Exam Resource Book. Cynthia has presented at international, national, state, and regional conferences, and is an active board member of the Adult Numeracy Network (ANN), an affiliate delegate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and a national LINCS numeracy trainer.

Experience with ANN: I have served on the board as the NCTM rep since 2014. Currently, am a member of the website committee.

Experience with NCTM: I have been an active member of NCTM for 10+ years and as the ANN NCTM representative am an active delegate in the NCTM delegate assembly. Over the years I have advocated for more visibility and acknowledgement of adult education by the NCTM. I attend the annual conference and assembly each year and share ideas, topics of interest, and emerging ideas from the conference with the ANN membership in the newsletter.

Goal as NCTM Rep: I am passionate about both ANN and NCTM, and I clearly see how useful and essential both organizations are to my practice as a mathematics educator. It is my hope to support the ANN membership body to understand the same--regarding the value of their ANN membership and then connecting them with NCTM.

Thank you for your consideration.

Cynthia Bell

Candidate for Webmaster

Dear heroes of adult numeracy & math education, 

My name is Mark Trushkowsky, I am your current ANN Webmaster, and I am running for re-election.

With the support of the website committee, I have spent my first two years as webmaster building up our new website. I am proud of our growing collection of new teaching resources, descriptions of instructional routines, virtual manipulatives, our social justice & math pages, as well as our materials for members looking to engage with math outside the classroom, or explore math in art. If re-elected I will continue my work to develop our website as a digital public square where ANN members can find what they need to teach and expand their practice in community with others.

A bit on my background: I’ve been working in adult education for almost half of my life, starting 20 years ago in a small basement classroom in Queens, teaching reading, writing, history, and science to beginning ABE students. I started teaching math to HSE and ABE students a few years after that and fell in love with the power that rushes into the room when you draw out and value student reasoning. Since 2009, my work has focused on teacher training and curriculum development. I am the co-author of the CUNY HSE Math Curriculum Framework and the CUNY/NYSED Fast Track GRASP Math Packets. I am a founding member of the country’s only math teachers circle dedicated to adult education - the NYC Community of Adult Math Instructors (CAMI). In addition to the ANN website, I also work on the team that maintains CollectEdNY.org. 

I’ve been a member of ANN since 2015. In addition to being webmaster, I also help organize and support the teachers speaking at ANN Under 10 and serve as our first organizational historian.

Yours in productive struggle,


Candidate for Region 3 Representative

Candidate for Region 4 Representative

Stephanie Stewart

Adult Basic Education Lead Mathematics Instructor, Rio Salado College

Professional Learning Developer and Trainer, Workforce Development Project Manager 

Stephanie Stewart has worked in Maricopa County Community Colleges District as an Adult Basic Education Lead Mathematics Instructor, teaching multiple mathematics courses, meeting the needs of adult students at varying educational functioning levels for 6 years and is currently a Workforce Development Project Manager. Ms. Stewart also develops and delivers mathematics professional development for the Rio Salado College - College Bridge Pathways program and the Arizona Department of Education, Adult Education Services, including on the newly revised Arizona Adult Education Standards for Mathematics, for which she was part of the five-member revision team.

Ms. Stewart participated in the OCTAE College and Career Readiness Standards-in-Action Project, adapting materials and facilitating training of SIA Mathematics innovations for statewide implementation, and acting as a resource for state programs.  She also served as a mathematics coach for the OCTAE College and Career Readiness Implementation Institute, serving as a resource for state teams.  She is currently serving as a coach for the OCTAE Implementing Standards-Based Instruction for English Learners training.

Ms. Stewart conducted the Math Curriculum/Standards Alignment for the Rio Salado College - College Bridge Pathways Program in 2014.  In 2016 she led the Math Curriculum Development Team for the program, developing comprehensive standards-aligned adult education math curriculum, and developing and delivering the corresponding professional development.  This curriculum resulted in a 15% increase in educational gains program-wide. In collaboration with the Arizona Department of Education, Ms. Stewart served as one of a five-member content workgroup on the Arizona Adult Education Standards Revision Initiative. The team performed a comprehensive alignment between previous AZ Adult Math Standards, AZ K-12 Math Standards and College and Career Ready Standards, drafting completely new documentation with usability for instructors in order to increase student learning as the primary objective.

She is a Regional Representative and Board Member for the Adult Numeracy Network, an amazing community dedicated to quality mathematics instruction at the adult level. Stephanie graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.S. in Human Development, and is certified in Adult Learning and Development.

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