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Rehumanizing Schools: Rights of the Learner (a TODOS webinar)

  • 12 Aug 2020
  • 3:00 PM

Webinar Description:
The goal of education is not to promote inferiority, but to enhance the human potential of each student entering our classrooms so they can develop confidence and hope toward life-long learning to adapt and confront a future neither they nor we can imagine. In a democracy, every citizen merits our respect and attention. The vision of the kind of citizen and society we want our students to participate guides the interactions we have with our students. The expectations we set for our students in their role as citizens in a community of learners are the expectations we anticipate students will fulfill as citizens of our democracy.

This free webinar session is about upholding this vision as we bring meaning to the roots of the term “education” and relate it to rehumanizing schools and mathematics; using the meaning of rehumanizing to clarify the confusion between equity and equality; becoming familiar with the Rights of the Learner that create a learning environment for optimal learning, especially in mathematics; and providing the Rights of the Learner as a framework for creating the context in which rehumanizing practices can occur. The Rights of the Learner remove the learner from being a passive receiver of information to being an active and reflective constructionist in learning. Be prepared to be active and reflective.

Olga Torres, M. Ed. In BiLingual/MultiCultural Education
Recipient of the The 2020 TODOS Iris M. Carl Equity in Teaching Award
Adjunct Professor in Teaching Elementary School Mathematics in a Technological Age for University of Arizona

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Casio Education U.S. is proud to sponsor and partner with TODOS in this second webinar in a series of webinars focused on "Equity in Education".

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