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Maria del Rosario Zavala: Mathigon Guest Speaker Series

  • 12 Jan 2022
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

This event with Maria del Rosario Zavala is being offered by Mathigon as part of their guest speaker series. 

Dr. Zavala is a mathematics educator teaching in the multiple-subjects credential program, *Bilingual Education for Social Transformation* (BEST) Spanish bilingual program, and special education program as well as graduate courses in the masters program for Mathematics Education.

Dr. Zavala joined the faculty at SFSU after completing her PhD in Mathematics Education with a focus on the Learning Sciences at the University of Washington Seattle. Her dissertation focused on the mathematics identity development of Latino/a students and is titled *Race, Language, and Opportunities to Learn: The Mathematics Identity Negotiation of Latino/a Youth.*  Many years prior she earned a BA in Mathematics from University of California Santa Cruz.

Dr. Zavala brings a variety of teaching experiences in mathematics and literacy from across the K-college pipeline to her work. She has been working in teacher education as an instructor and leader of professional development for a number of years.  Her research focuses on equity issues in the mathematics education of Latino/as and other historically marginalized populations by focusing on identity develop and culturally responsive practices. Her newest research project is *Culturally Responsive Practices of Bilingual Pre-service Teachers: Lessons from a Teacher Education Program focused on Education for Social Transformations*, and is in collaboration with other BEST faculty. Follow Dr. Zavala on Twitter.

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