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Back to School! Mathigon for Secondary Math

  • 25 Aug 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

This free webinar is being offered by Mathigon to help teacher prepare for the upcoming school year by learning about using Mathigon with elementary students.

Mathigon is an online platform for learning mathematics with a vast collection of virtual manipulatives, engaging activities and games, and rich, interactive courses. It is free for all users and can easily be integrated with Google Classroom and other learning management systems. Over 2.5 million students have used Mathigon over the past year.

Join David Poras, Mathigon’s head of content, for a free webinar and Q&A session to learn more about all the features available on Mathigon, and how these can be used in the classroom. We'll explore the manipulatives in Polypad - including number and algebra tiles, tangram and pentominoes, multiplication grids, fraction bars, dice and spinners, balance scales, prime factor circle, geometry tools, and much more. We will also spend some time exploring the Multiplication by Heart flashcards, the teacher tools available on Mathigon, including how to create classes and assignments, share virtual manipulatives with students, and quickly review students’ work.

This session is targeted at secondary school teachers.  Meanwhile, you can also explore the video tutorials and lesson plans on our website, or follow us on Twitter for regular updates.

Mathigon is free for teachers and students. This webinar is free as well. If you're interested in supporting our mission of providing high-quality math instructional resources for free to students and teachers around the world, you're welcome to make a donation with your ticket.

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