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Math for Identity and Belonging: Representing Data Creatively

  • 2 Feb 2022
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Math for Identity and Belonging:  Representing Data Creatively - Winter 2022

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Registration closes Friday, January 28th.

Data is all around us.  One way to advance equity in the math classroom is to give students opportunities to look carefully at the data in their lives, collect it, and share it with others in a meaningful way.  Through completing this workshop, you will practice this process for yourself so that you will be able to bring the experience to your students.  You will choose something about your daily life to track, track it for a month, and then find a creative way to represent it and share it with the group.  We will work through the steps of the process together, sharing ideas and support along the way.


Meeting Date

All meetings at at 4pm PT / 5pm MT / 6pm CT / 7pm ET


Plan for each meeting to last 1 1/2 hours. 

 1 Wednesday, February 2nd Introduction to Representing Data Creatively 
 2 Wednesday, February 9th Cultural representations of data 
 3 Wednesday, February 16th  Planning data representation
 4 Wednesday, March 2nd  Revisions and teacher reflection
 5 Wednesday, March 16th   Sharing our creative data representations!

Objectives Through participation in this program, participants will…

  1. Define and make sense of the concept of data and various representations of data.
  2. Track data from their own lives and represent that data in a creative way.
  3. Be equipped to bring student-led data collection and representation to their students. 
  4. Connect personal data collection and representation to identity and belonging. 

Audience The intended audience is educators in the field of adult education, especially those teaching at the pre-college level or lower; those in related fields are welcome.

How to attend All meetings will be on Zoom.  Participants will receive the link after registering.  Over the set of sessions, please plan to miss no more than one.  Five meetings will be with the large group; two meetings will be checking in with smaller groups.  Attendance is required for final session.

Cost There is no cost to participate.  Membership in the Adult Numeracy Network is encouraged!

Continuing education hours A certificate for fifteen continuing education hours will be awarded upon completion of the program.  (1.5 hour meetings x 5) + (1 hour small group meetings x 2) + (5.5 hours independent work) = 15 hours

To register:  Click here.  

Please register by Friday, January 28th.

Questions?  Email Amy Vickers at avickers@nicoletcollege.edu.  Amy is the Past-President of the Adult Numeracy Network and currently a high school equivalency and math instructor at a Wisconsin technical college.

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